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Our Berlin apartment search service will help you to find the flat of your dreams, in a neighbourhood of your choice, at a rent you can afford.

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Disclaimer: We are not a real estate agency and are not responsible for the renting of apartments ourselves. We are relocation coaches, who help you to apply for apartments in Berlin through information and interpretation.

Flat Search

Looking for an apartment in Berlin? Read this first.

The search for a flat in Berlin is notoriously competitive. Before you get started there are a few general requirements for anyone starting their search.

If you are a new resident, without a residency permit, or without at least 3 months of pay checks or a minimum of 6 months of freelance income, we recommend you first need a temporary furnished apartment. For the long-term unfurnished flat search, all landlords require a proof of income in Germany. This is possible for employees, freelancers and the self employed, but the latter two will need a statement of income from a German tax advisor showing their earnings for the year so far, as well as previous tax returns.

The "unwritten rule" for a long-term apartment is that your household income after tax (net income) is greater than or equal to 3 x the warm rent of the apartment.

We can guide you through the process of finding both a short term and long term apartment in Berlin, but please bear the above criteria in mind.

Long term unfurnished flat search

Looking for a new home in Berlin? We help guide you through the housing market offering interpretation, preparing your application, assisting in the search and more.

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Short term furnished flat search

Just arrived? When you land you will need a temporary flat before your visa is approved and you can show proof of income. We can help find it for you.

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Office search

Are you looking for that perfect office space? We can help find office spaces for small and medium sized companies, and in some cases combined office/living spaces.

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Flat viewing interpretation, scheduling & application guidance

Our relocation coaches have a great understanding of the Berlin housing market.  We know how to communicate with Berlin estate agents, help you schedule viewings and support you through the process until you find the flat of your dreams.

Long term unfurnished flat search for residents in Berlin
Furnished short term flat search for new and temporary residents
Excellent success rate on open market
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How to prepare your application & more

Never heard of a Schufa? Or does Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung sound a bit intimidating? We provide you with general information on the documents required to complete your flat application. We’re here to help!

Document checklist and help preparing/formatting your application
Help with communication with the housing association and/or landlord
Attendance with you at the viewings, contract signing and handover (within office hours).
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Help setting up your utilities

Once your rental contract is signed and you are registered, it’s time to setup your gas and electricity contracts, and get your phone and high-speed internet connected. We’re ready to jump on the phone in German to help you get set up.

Compare rates with price comparison engines
Help setting up electricity, gas and internet contracts
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