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Moving your company to Berlin?  We are partnered with business immigration services ensuring a fast-track German visa process for blue card, employment and family reunification.

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Disclaimer: Expats In Wonderland GmbH do not offer legal advice as defined in the out-of-court legal services act (Rechtsdienstleistungsgesetz, RDG). For any legal advice we are proud to partner with a trusted German law firm.

Business Relocation

Clear business relocation packages for German employers.

We work with businesses offering 360° relocation for German registered companies, and are registered with Business Immigration Services giving us access to fast-track options for the visa process (with our partnered lawyer), helping to move your employees and their families in a matter of weeks, not months.

Blue Card

Since 2024 the Blue Card salary threshold has decreased, making this option more attractive and flexible than ever. From fast-tracked application processes to permanent residency within 21 months, your employees can be settled and working in record time.

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Employment Visa

Vocational qualifications or studies unrelated to your job title? We can help with the process for employment visa together with our partnered lawyer. Quick processing via BIS as well as legal consultation provided by our partnered lawyer (Rechtsanwalt Till Potten) on request for employment contract review.

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Family Reunification Visa

Are your employees bringing their family to Germany? Fast-track the family along with your employee keeping spouses and children together throughout their relocation.

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Furnished Apartment Search

Your employees need a place to land when they arrive in Germany. We can help them find and book temporary accommodation with residency registration so that they get their feet on the ground and their residency permit in progress within record time.

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Long Term Apartment Search

Once the pay checks are rolling in and with residency permits approved, we offer long term, unfurnished apartment search for employees. We help to secure housing, accompany to viewings, translate contracts, create an application strategy and connect your team with real estate agents.

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Life Admin

From setting up utility bills to registering with the Finanzamt, we offer support with life admin in German. Get help for your employees transferring their driving license, connecting with health insurance providers, finding a doctor, learning about schools & study options, having a baby, getting married and more.

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Fast-track visa process for blue card and employment visa.

Did you know it can be possible for German companies to fast track the visa process for employees? That means no long processing time at the embassy and families moving together in record time.

Management (with our partnered lawyer) through accelerated procedure for skilled workers (beschleunigte Fachkräfteverfahren).
Residency permit process via Business Immigration Services including residency registration.
Clear communication, project management & efficient workflow tailored to your business.
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German visa process for your employees, directors & families.

We guide you through the visa process, taking the workload off your HR team to guide employees and their families safely through the German visa process. For entrepreneurs we offer support in the freelance and self-employment visa process, plus language coaching and interpretation to give you the basic tools you need to make your application.

Guidance through the visa process with our legal partners (our partnered lawyer)
Interpretation, appointment attendance, assistance with translation & process management
Experienced team working with corporate clients, quick communication and clear accountability
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Life admin & much more

We are here to help with all matters of general German bureaucracy, acting as your red tape guide for you and your employees. Need legal advice on the way? No problem we can refer you to our partnered lawyer.

Utilties package to setup internet, gas and electricity contracts
Residency registration (Anmeldung) via Business Immigration Service (pre-submission of documents & appointment usually within 1 week).
Additional services provided by partnered lawyer in English or German.
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