Helping you move to Germany from UK

Get help as a British citizen and apply for a German visa from the UK or directly get you residency permit in Germany. Whether you are starting the process at home or after arrival in Germany on the Schengen 90 day visa.

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Disclaimer: Expats In Wonderland GmbH do not offer legal advice as defined in the out-of-court legal services act (Rechtsdienstleistungsgesetz, RDG). For any legal advice we are proud to partner with a trusted German law firm.

Visa Types

Which visa types are possible for UK citizens moving to Germany?

British citizens have access to all visa types, and are lucky to be part of the "best friend" country list allowing you to either apply for a German visa in London at the embassy, one of the UK nationwide honorary consuls or most commonly directly in Germany doing the residency permit after entering on a 90 day Schengen visa as a tourist.

After Brexit there were some special visa types offered by the German government mostly to provide UK citizens already living in Germany with a clear path to long term or permanent residency. However since Brexit is finalised, these special visas for those moving to Germany now are no longer available.

However, UK citizens need not fear, as they still benefit from preferential access to the German labour market for those with higher education, vocational qualifications, students, families and more.

German Visa From Embassy in London (or regional office)

Did you know that the British embassy is sometimes faster than the German offices in processing visa applications? If you are coming to Germany to be employed and want to start immediately, it might be best to start the process in the UK. We're here to help!

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German Employment Visa For UK Citizens

UK Citizens with an employment offer have access to both employment and blue card visa types. This can be the quickest route to arrive and start working right away, with the option in some cases to fast-track the process.

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German Freelance Visa for UK Citizens

British freelancers and artists can get our help applying for a German freelance visa in Berlin (a sub-type of the freelance visa), either from the embassy or directly when you arrive in Germany. Book an appointment to speak to us about freelancing in Germany as a UK citizen.

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Artist Visa in Berlin

It’s no secret that Berlin is one of the world’s favourite cities for international artists and many of those come here from the UK's vibrant cultural, music and arts scene. Together with our legal partners, we’ll help you to get setup as an artist to move your practice from the UK over to Berlin.

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Move Your Family from UK to Berlin with Reunification

Families which are resident in the UK and want to move to Berlin can apply at the embassy or if UK citizens directly in Berlin for a family reunification visa together with their spouse's residency permit. Options can also be available for reunification with children and even parents.

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Visa Renewal for UK Citizens in Germany

Already living in Germany as a Biritsh citizen and your visa is coming to an end? Maybe you are ready to apply for permanent residency, or want to change your job. Together with our partnered lawyers we guide you through the renewal of your German visa.

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Introducing our English speaking lawyer partner Rechtsanwalt Potten

Our partnered lawyer Till Potten is experienced in all matters of civil law, is a fully licensed German lawyers, and is a fluent English speaker. He is available for legal consultations and are our trusted legal partner for the visa package.

Fully licensed attorney in Germany
Speaks fluent English and native German
Legal consultation included in the visa package
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Which documents do UK citizens need for the German visa?

Our partnered lawyers help you to prepare your paper work to ensure your application is properly prepared for your immigration appointment.

Full document checklist specific to the process of moving to Germany from the UK following legal consultation with lawyer
Help filling out the German visa application from UK and/or residency permit application in Germany, creating financial plans, business plans, forecasts and more
Filing of documents by the lawyer to get your appointment, request changes of appointment, raise appeals or other legal issues.
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A strategic approach to your German visa application from the UK

Get a strategic recommendation for your visa application. This legal advice includes guidance on which type of visa you can apply for, and other advice to help you in your application.

Self-employment, deployment, freelance or artist? How to be your own boss in Germany
Family reunification from the UK or directly in Germany - how to bring your loved ones quickly and painlessly
Understanding the process from the German embassy in London, Manchester or elsewhere,  to getting your residency permit, realistic timelines and fast-track opportunities.
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Booking German Visa Appointment in London or elsewhere in the UK at the Embassy

Good news! The German embassy in London is one of the fastest in processing your application. Despite not needing a national D visa, it might be beneficial for you to start the process of moving to Germany from the UK, to have a more seamless transition.

Member of the team comes with you to residency permit appointment in Berlin, and in most cases residency registration (for first visas)
Unofficial translation of documents into German (eg. CV or letter of motivation)
Emotional support and hand holding!
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How about residency permit appointments in Berlin for UK citizens?

The immigration office in Berlin is notoriously cryptic and bureaucratic, and let's face it, the online booking system mostly doesn't work!

As part of our visa package we ensure that you receive your appointment with our partner lawyer submitting your request or filing directly through Business Immigration Services (BIS).

Visa appointment booking at the embassy or immigration office (Ausländerbehörde) in Berlin or other regional authorities
Employment visa appointments processed via Business Immigration Services (BIS) for faster processing
Overtaking communication with the immigration authorities when you have received no response
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