Cruelty free haircuts from wallacewallace on Brunnenstrasse

March 20, 2019

Feeling a little scruffy? Berlin is a city of no-logo fashion, which means that your haircut has to stand out amid the sea of black t-shirts and fetish wear. Luckily there's a new scissor wizard in town, namely the wonderful Justin Nabbs operating on your bouffant or beehive from his newly opened salon wallacewallace at Brunnenstrasse, 159.

Justin and the wallacewallace team cater for both men and women and offer the usual a la carte menu of hairdressing delights. Appointments can be booked by calling +49 (0) 176 766 842 02 or via their newly launched website.

Beautiful decor, with a great selection of cruelty free products.

The overwhelming first impression of the beautiful wallacewallace salon is one of good taste and fantastic functional design. The room is light and spacious, with minimal decor carefully selected to provide comfort and purpose to both those under the razor's blade and those waiting their turn.

Wash and head massage? Yes please.

Justin is certainly one of Berlin's best hairdressers, but also a charming conversationalist. He perfectly imitated a look of genuine interest while I was testing his patience with my most boring chit-chat material, making all the right affirmation noises at the right time, and finally shut me up with his own fascinating and somewhat unconventional relocation story.

Jokes aside, I was genuinely bowled over by his friendly and genuine demeanour, which comes across both in his native English and fluent German.

The waiting area with that giant rug.

All the products used at wallacewallace are cruelty free. That means no animal testing!

So we went, and we tested. We were washed, and we were cut. And will I be going back?

A resounding yes! This hairdresser is exactly what Berlin needs. A lovely man, in a beautiful space, wielding a pair of shears like old scissorhands himself. Expats In Wonderland recommends!

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