Join Our Expats Book Club (aka. Wine Club)!

September 1, 2021

Starting a book club is an idea I have been toying with for almost as long as Expats in Wonderland has existed. In the end it took two lockdowns plus a baby to finally make it happen!

Reading is my secret escape from everything. It’s there when I get overwhelmed, overworked, or simply when I need to go into my own imaginary world. And when we read books together, isn’t it great that we each have our own unique mental image of the same characters and places while unravelling the same story? 

Lots of clients have been asking me why don't I start a dating service, as I work with so many expats who want to meet and hang out. Well, I know it's not quite speed dating, but I would love to get some of you together for a monthly meeting to discuss a book and have a glass of wine or two! Who knows, perhaps romance could even blossom.

As Berlin winter approaches, we all know that the weather becomes so grey and so cold that some of us get lonely and blue. This winter, let's try to fight this feeling, get together, and enjoy our inner worlds and drink or two!

  • When?
    Our first meeting to discuss the book will be on Monday 20th September.
  • Where?
    To be announced depending on confirmed attendees.
  • How to join?
    We're keeping it simple by using the Telegram app to coordinate everything via our channel.

Join the book club by joining our Telegram channel.

To make life simple and your data secure, we'll be sharing the location, books and club related updates on our very own Telegram channel.


The first book we will be reading together is Anxious People by Fredrik Backman.

Helping me to co-host the event is the wonderful Rose Truesdale. Rose is a dear friend and an amazing writer who I met while searching for her Berlin home and helping her with her visa. And another visa. And her fiance’s visa. And his other visa. And their other flat. And then another visa. And you know what I mean.

I can't think of anyone I'd rather start this project with than this talented, fierce, beautiful human being who, as a writer herself, can offer an expert perspective on the prose we read. 

Rose had this to add...

"Hi fellow expats! I’m so grateful Ina tapped me to start a book club with her. Although I write for a living, I rarely make time to read anymore. I’m super inspired by Ina’s avid reading habits (honestly, I’m just inspired by Ina period 😎) and I’m excited for a reason to dig into some fun new bestsellers with all of you! I also plan to invite the members of Creative Womxn Berlin, a group of women (trans and cis) and non-binary creatives in Berlin that I founded a couple of years ago. I can’t wait for everybody to meet."

Rose Truesdale - Bookclub co-host

Once a month we will meet, have some food and drinks, and discuss the book we have read. If you have any questions, shoot me an email at with the subject ‘Book Club’ and I´ll get back to you with all the info. We will have a month to read each book, and you are more than welcome to jump in and out of the club as you please. 

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