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April 8, 2019

Despite the joy it gives us solving Expat visa and flat cases, dealing with those disgruntled civil servants can sure take it out of you. So after too many hours hunched over forms, sitting on those uncomfortable immigration waiting room chairs, and smacking the proverbial bottoms of impertinent landlords, my body was begging for a little relief.

Thankfully I have one of Berlin's top rated practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and expert acupuncturist Jesper Christensen on speed dial.

Check out his gold award, number 1 score (that's good) and top 5 ranking on Jameda.

In addition to treating chronic and acute pain, he also treats a lot of patients with digestive issues, sleeping issues, asthma and allergies, and creates a unique treatment plan for you based on your needs.

Founder & expert practitioner Jesper Christensen.

Jesper brings together a deep and practical knowledge of TCM with his training in Naturopathic medicine and a foundation in western Ergo-therapy.

Since then he has studied Functional Medicine, which utilises the holistic perspective on health and disease often found in traditional natural medicine disciplines, but using modern lab tests found within the conventional medicine system to identify disease.

He says "A big problem within the traditional Chinese medicine education available in Berlin, is that a lot of teachers here are teaching because they did not make it in private practice. In other words, they couldn't afford to stay in private practice due to a lack of clients, and therefore have sought out a more secure income as teachers. Although they have good academic knowledge of Chinese medicine, they have very little clinical experience working with patients, and honestly most of what they teach is not really effective in practice. The way TCM it is taught in the west, is in my opinion too focused on philosophy and scholarly discords rather than practical clinical hands on practice."

Comfort in the decisively Scandinavian waiting room.

What we love about Jesper is that unlike other practitioners he cuts through the bullshit and gives you his honest opinion. If you are doing something thats wrecking your body, he's going to tell you, but also give you actionable steps on how to set things right.

"My own philosophy when it comes to health is that the best cure is prevention. Most ailments are to some degree self inflicted. Nobody wants to hear this, but non the less, it is true. For this reason, the most important part of my job is actually to coach and educate my patients to start taking care of their own health. In addition to acute relief through treatments, I help them make the right choices so that in the long run, they don't need therapists like me."

TCM Akupunktur offer personal consultation to all patients.

Jesper's beautiful practice is located in Schöneberg, close to Nollendorf Platz U Bahn station. The minimalistic interior design draws inspiration from his native Denmark, while the bare stone walls offer the requisite taste of Berlin. Pair that with Jesper's ample kindness, understanding and multi-lingual (English, Danish & German) demeanour and you will find yourself feeling internally healed before a needle or cup has even grazed your skin.

Like many of us he was drawn into Berlin by the lure of it's nightlife, basically undergoing an entire relocation after his first trip to Berghain. So he can probably prescribe some pretty effective remedies for a case of party poisoning. We wouldn't know anything about that of course.

Appointments can be booked online via email or phone. You can find the contact information on his website. Expats highly recommends!

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